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Top 10 Project Management Softwares

Project management software is excellent tool that will manage all your project data and keeps them in one place where they can be monitored properly. With this you can keep an eye on your employee’s location and project files and also aware of that how much time it takes to complete their work. This will centralized all the data for several projects. This will provide easy access to the projects and you can intuitively gather lots of information about any specific data/file.

Listed below is the top 10-project management software:

1) Wrike

Wrike provides a single centralised hub for all the data/file. A key benefit is the user friendly navigation that makes it easier to function on the system. This product provides a top notch security features that make sure to allow authorised users only who could access the vital information. In addition to it, your group members can use the personal mobile apps to work from any locations, anytime and anywhere.

2) Asana

Asana is a recommended project management software and task for groups that desire to collaborate and communicate effectively an efficiently. It is another powerful contender of top10 project management software. You can accelerate this platform to produce projects and tasks in the projects. Even, you can track the improvement of the projects in no time by browser or internet device. The major features include real time updates, multiple workplaces, Email Bridge, activity fed, reminders and notifications.

3) Basecamp 

This is the first commercial chat app and project management tool developed by using an innovative technology. This tool is widely used for task planning and scheduling, Group discussions, project management, creating Group summary report, UI redesign, File uploading and many more relevant tasks. It somehow reduces the workload of the user to some extent. Moreover, it also saves time spent in meetings as well as handle different projects simultaneously. This is the perfect collaboration tool that enables users to get organized and collaborate with each other on projects.

4) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a unique online collaboration design that will help you manage team tasks, projects, sales pipeline tracking and crowdsourcing and many more. It provides an absolute way to collaborate on processes and projects by accumulating the spread sheet use with collaborative file sharing, visualise time management and automated workflow capabilities. The smart-sheet provides a similar interface that can easily collaborated with your business team. The key features include automating, tracking, planning and
reporting on work. It is automated manage content, offer real-time visibility and generate timelines and milestones. This enhances communication with live chat and mail.


Jira is recommended for all kinds of application developers. This helps to recommend and assign your tasks. The JIRA cloud version is easy to set up and manages all updates automatically. The major features include powerful filtering and search, advanced reporting, customized dashboards, wallboards, and source integration. You can easily create a workflow engine through this software and can have a personalised view
through dashboard.

6) Clarizen

Clarizen is a significant project management software that has ultimate social management aspects and it can do work in an efficient manner. With this software, you can connect conversations, projects, and tasks automatically. The major features include personal calendars, templates, version control, project portfolio management and support to multiple currencies and languages.

7) Trello

Trello uses the board concept for projects and card represents tasks. The list of the cards is categorised to track the project progress. Your group members can use this collaboration tool and project management tool to discuss tasks and projects in real time. This software includes features such as deadline reminders, voting feature, search function, archiving card records (Comments & changes), data SSL encryption and data filtering. This software keeps updated through activity log, email notifications, task assignments and log. The interface provides members to customize the collaboration lists in no time. All the changes in projects appear on the screen rapidly.

8) Zoho

Zoho Projects- is a famous PM platform that assists to make productive business project and finish them on time. The software comes with well-equipped features to improve project monitoring, team collaboration and enhance output and productivity. In this, you can get all the business work done and delivered work in advance. It can categorise your complex and large projects units as well as dependencies, schedule recurring task according to the exact deadlines. Zoho projects come with various collaboration tools such as meetings, calendar and project chat. These ensure to help consultants and employees to stay connected with their progress.

9) Teamwork

Teamwork is specially designed to enhance the performance of the team which helps in achieving the target goal and completing the assigned task in an efficient manner. This software is compatible with almost all Android, iPad and iPhone. It integrates with Microsoft Excel, HipChat, JotForm, Wunderlist, Geckoboard, PayPal, Kanban Tool, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, OneDrive, QuickBooks, Time Doctor, and several other software’s. Using the collaborative app, the team of users can easily manage the task.

10) WorkMarshal

WorkMarshal uses multiple tools to get the job done that are no longer essential. This feature-filled project management software centralizes and streamlines all large enterprise on a single platform. It has project management, task management, file management, ticket management, calendar management and many other tools created to improve your work productivity and efficiency. WorkMarshal features automation notifications, automated complete work process to make sure to audit compliance.

If you are looking for top rated project management software, then you are at the right place.

The above-listed software would give your business a new way to discipline the data/file accordingly. This will give quality, planning, customization to the work and there is an endless list. This will maintain the competitive edge of marketing trends and give ultimate business strategy while managing all the files at one place and manage the time accordingly. The software surveys the best of your company and make sure you will get high rated project management through these software’s.