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The Top Web Development Trends to Implement in 2022

The Latest Web Technologies Every CTO Should Be Aware of

The web development market is updated almost always, offering new trends. They should be familiar to every decision-maker; this way, such people can stay competitive in the fluid IT market and broaden their knowledge to create more advanced web products.

After a deep analysis of resources as to the topic, we created a list of the current web technologies in 2022.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web applications are an essential topic for web development: such sites with native app features, they move the Internet ahead, making people’s lives easier.


Twitter & Alaska Airlines PWAs

Is this implementation essential? Let’s look firstly at the statistics to give a proper response.

As a recent survey states, mobile device income’s reached 54.79% of the e-devices industry. Furthermore, US grown-ups use their smartphones and tablets for 2 hours 55 minutes every day. Statista states, this time will grow to 4 hours 23 minutes by the next 2023 year.

During their Internet surfing, all these people need more comfort and flexibility, user-friendliness, security, easier maintenance, and PWA can give them all that said.

2. AMPs

Google first revealed this project to boost quickly loading and well-functioning websites building and improve their search results.

The definition of AMP has changed in recent years. The ranking algorithms were altered considering other additional aspects when displaying search results.

3. Responsive Websites

Orienting on users surfing the Internet primarily from mobile gadgets, Google decided to include mobile-first indexing as the criteria of a quality site search. It will even impact the website rating.

Responsive design: Slack example

What components and qualities are essential for a responsive design?

  • Smart scrolling is a popular online trend; thus, it should be included on your homepage.
  • The simplicity trend means your site should contain only essential data, organized in a simple manner.
  • Dark theme reduces eye fatigue and conserves smartphone battery, among other things.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Digital voice helpers serve as valuable reminders of actual events and dates.

Companies are eager to improve their ranking chances by such trend implementation. Here is some advice to do that:

  • Utilize long-tail key phrases in site articles.
  • Snippets can support virtual assistants in obtaining responses.
  • Be concerned with the cleanliness and understandability of information posted on your site.

5. API-First Web Building

Digital products must be ready for cooperation with other applications, and the API-first development tendency starts here.

Old development methods are based on the company’s primary purpose to create a web/mobile application. So, API development is sometimes disregarded.

API-first development

The standard API creation flow contains a sequence of building steps when some specialists act and others wait for the task completion. Everything starts from the very beginning if the bug is found. However, the API-first building approach allows all the team members to work simultaneously.

6. Push Notifications

Pushes are short messages sent to a user’s gadget from web apps to encourage customers to act or tell about new information. They are available without putting down any personal data or making a subscription payment.

Thanks to pushes, you obtain relevant data about everything you need (e.g., weather, parcel cargo monitoring, etc.). Moreover, it is a powerful instrument to hold users’ attention to essential info.

7. AI Chatbots

This is a fast-evolving sector, as to statistical projections and studies on today technical trends. This way, by 2023 year-end, the chatbot market will reach over $110 billion, as to Juniper Research data.

We’ve chosen a pair of uncommon talkbot examples for your inspiration.

  • Madison Reed is primarily a text-based bot advising about changing hair color for women. Users may send their photo, and Madi will recommend hair color concerning the received image.
  • Lidl Winebot was designed to offer recommendations concerning the sorts of wine to choose from, meal pairings, and other essentials.


8. Motion UI

The Motion UI is an excellent method to attract users with CSS transitions and appealing animations. Motion UI may go with different JS frameworks. It is mainly utilized for ads banners or video materials now. But the upcoming future will bring more changes and maybe the full page will move soon.

Motion UI design

9. Low-Code/No-Code Development

The low-code platforms building makes the developer’s workflow easier. Specialists can build digital products with the help of interface templates and prepared code blocks. It lowers the amount of time devs need manually writing app codes.

No-code building platforms allow programmers having any computing skills (or even without it) to create applications using prepared design samples and setup building blocks.

They help you:

  • Check a project workflow for the IT department’s manual activities to further automatize them
  • Save your time
  • Provide your non-technical staff members with these latest tech alternatives to facilitate the work of IT specialists

10. Serverless Computing

This trend lets developers create and support digital products without being concerned with the basic architecture.

Engineers develop the app as a set of separate functions that may conduct a certain action. The functions are deployed to a cloud vendor profile, together with associated triggers, and thoroughly tested.

When a cloud vendor requests a function, an actual server performs it or constructs a new one to fulfill it. Software engineers may focus on developing and deploying apps while the trend’s execution is handled separately.

11. Dark Theme

The dark mode is a user interface option for smartphones and computers that allows users to view material printed in light characters on a dark backdrop.

Dark mode standardization: Twitter and Youtube examples

It has a set of undeniable benefits, and we’ll enlist the most popular ones:

  • Less energy-intensive
  • Far less so-called “blue light” coming
  • Less eye dryness


12. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity trends are required to protect computer servers and other digital systems from illegal access. Cyberthreats, such as accessing important data and changing, removing, damaging, or scamming it from an user or corporate systems can be lowered by a firm cyber protection policy.

Cybersecurity service providers offer various solutions for users, such as:

  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Preventing Data Loss (DLP)
  • Firewalls


13. Single-Paged Web Apps

SPAs are web solutions that only load one file and work fully within a browser. It doesn’t necessitate frequent page reloading, so it almost stays untouched, with only a little part being updated.. For upgrading data the SPAs use JavaScript APIs.

Visitors may access SPA without waiting for data to be loaded from the server. As a consequence, performance marks grow as if you’re working with native software.

14. Internet of Things (IoT)

This trend deals with Internet-connected household gadgets or wearables. It allows organizations to provide services to users as rapidly as possible, resulting in a more personalized experience.

The IoT benefits include:

  • Protection: enhanced security technologies protecting enterprise/consumer data.
  • Scalability: ensuring data collection while being unaffected by data volume.
  • Reliability: consistent results without delays or errors in data collection and delivery.


15. 5G

Many companies across different domains are striving to evaluate the benefits of this one of the web app trends for 2022.

5G may provide visitors with quicker bandwidth and lower latency and allow them to access more engaging site content. Your potential consumers will be able to access your website and browse its various goods because mobile responsiveness will no longer be a problem.
Summing Up
We’ve enlightened the most popular web building trends in this post. If you want to learn more about them, you can apply to a skilled IT company. The web professionals will give you a comprehensive consultation concerning the questions you’re interested in and help you develop a cutting-edge and profitable web product perfectly fitting your business needs.

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