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MilesWeb’s Fastest and Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

Are you looking for a powerful hosting solution for your website/app? When I say powerful, you must have thought about that as the powerful hosting solution. Different hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are present. Among these, VPS hosting is an ideal hosting solution for your high-traffic websites/applications.

Upgrading your website from best shared hosting plans to VPS can be ideal as you get more power and resources for the smooth functioning of websites/apps. When you opt for VPS hosting, you get 100% guaranteed resources, maximum uptime and the highest security.

MilesWeb is a web hosting company that offers you all these features at the best prices. You can try best-in-class managed VPS services by MilesWeb, wherein, they take care of all the server management tasks.

VPS is called a virtual private server. The working of VPS is such that one physical server is split into multiple separate virtual machines. Each of the virtual private servers are isolated from one another. Each VPS hosting has its own set of dedicated resources like CPU, memory, RAM, bandwidth and its own operating system.

It gives you an environment that works like a dedicated server without paying much.

Managed VPS Hosting

In managed VPS hosting, all the server-related tasks such as installation, security updates, provisions and operating system updates. The web hosting provider looks after all the server management tasks. With fully managed VPS hosting, you get the support and assistance you need as a server owner.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Here are the benefits of VPS hosting:

  • Isolated environment:
    The VPS environment is isolated. You are not affected by what other users are doing on the server.
  • Root Access:
    You can install the applications of your choice on the server when you have root access.
  •  Guaranteed Resources:
    No matter what the situation is, the resources assigned to you will always be yours.
  •  Scalability:
    As your website grows, you can scale the resources to keep pace with growth.


Which VPS Hosting Plan to Choose?

You can choose the VPS hosting plan according to the requirements. First, you need to know the disk space required and the number of CPUs to select the best VPS hosting plan. If you still want to know which is the best VPS hosting plan for you, reach out to their sales team. They will help you choose the right plan for you.

Here you can check out their VPS hosting plans. It starts at just Rs.630/mo.

MilesWeb Best VPS Hosting Features!

Before choosing a web host, speed, uptime and reliability are the most vital factor to consider.

VPS Hosting in India

It is crucial to consider the data center location for your VPS server. MilesWeb offers VPS hosting in India that is ideal for the targeted Indian audience. MilesWeb has a tier-4 data center that delivers superior performance, uptime and speed to your websites.

SSL Encryption

For your website/application, it is a must that they are safe from threats and malware. An SSL certificate on the website keeps it safely encrypted. MilesWeb includes an SSL certificate with all web hosting plans. Your website URL is secure with HTTPS with an SSL activation.

Guaranteed Resources

Every VPS hosting server has its own dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and disk space. These resources you do not share with other tenants on the server. All the resources are yours and, you will not face any type of performance issues with it.

Full Root Access

Nobody knows the business better than you. Thus MilesWeb provides full root access to customize the server according to your business needs. Also, you get complete customization to meet your hosting requirements.

30 Day Money Back

MilesWeb gives you a 30-day money-back with its web hosting plans. They will return your payment if you are unsatisfied with their services.

SSD Storage Drive to Boost Website Performance

Super-fast and reliable SSD drives increase the efficiency of your VPS servers. It gives a boost to your website. MilesWeb hosts all its website on high-speed storage drives. They make sure your website runs at a blazing-fast speed.

Uptime Guaranteed

With its VPS hosting service, MilesWeb pledges a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The company offers the maximum uptime guarantee with its robust Tier-4 data center infrastructure.
The VPS hosting infrastructure of MilesWeb delivers the top uptime guarantee to your website/application.

Expert Technical Support

The expert team of MilesWeb offers best-in-class technical assistance with the managed VPS hosting service. They help set up the servers, migrate websites, storage management and much more. MilesWeb has different options to connect with them, like email and live chat.


MilesWeb offers the best fully managed VPS hosting for your high-traffic website/application. They offer all the top-leading features with their fully managed VPS hosting plans.

All plans include SSD storage drives, dedicated server resources, full root access and complete VPS management.