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6 Best Online Courses to Learn Web Development in 2019

Are you looking to build a career in website development or boost your knowledge?

If you are someone looking to build a career in web development or boost your existing knowledge, then you should consider the online courses for it.

The reason behind considering the online courses over offline ones is that you can learn new things without going anywhere else. Right from your desktop or mobile device, you can start learning the things from professionals in the industry.

Also, you don’t have to remain bounded by a fixed duration in the day to do it. The online web development courses can be accessed whenever you get time.

Now, the question is which is the right online course to learn web development?

Since there are numerous online courses available on the internet, it’s not easy to know which is the best one for you. In this article, we have curated a few of the best online courses for web development, to help you narrow your search and finally start learning.

1. Treehouse

Treehouse provides high-quality and flexible courses to help you master technical and soft skills, and learn about modern development tools. It has over 300 courses and 278 workshops covering 23 topics in tech industry.

They provide the courses in four plans— Techdegree, Pro, Basic, and For Teams. You can select the plans on the basis of your budget and skill levels.

The Techdegree is a project-based course that prepares you for a career in the technical industry. It teaches and supports you through all steps on the course—fundaments, tutorials, coding challenges and quizzes, and building the portfolio.

You can start learning without interrupting the schedule by browsing on-demand videos and coding challenges in your leisure. If you have doubts or got stuck in things, the large community of students and teachers is always there for support.

If you aren’t sure whether the course is worth your time and money, there is seven-day free trial.

2. Codeacademy

When it comes to online courses in web development, Codeacademy’s name emerges out as an ideal destination. It has been in the industry for seven years, having 45 million learners till date.
You can choose the things you want to learn whether it is building websites or analyzing the data. Regardless of your experience level, the course teaches you to work on code in real and learn the things practically.

There are several interactive lessons that help you to master web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, etc. You can choose whether you want to work on front-end or the back-end, and become a professional web developer.

When you submit your code after the lessons, it is tested on time and feedback is shared with you. The course also allows you to work on real projects so that you can soon become a part of a web development company.

The online courses provided by Codeacademy are both free and premium, which falls into two categories—career paths and skill paths.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another reliable name for online courses in web development. The online courses are created by experts to ensure that individuals of all levels can learn the things and become a professional developer.

These courses first fill the gaps in the understanding with basic lessons, and then accelerate the learning with advanced courses. This helps in learning the things easily.
You can learn all the programming languages with Khan Academy courses. These languages include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, etc.

For practical knowledge, it allows you to create new programs, webpages, and SQL Scripts. If you need help, the wide community is there to answer your requests.

4. Coursera

Coursera not only provides certification courses but also the degrees in every field. All the courses are offered online by universities and companies. These courses are in the form of videos, quizzes, and projects.

You can learn web development from Coursera in 4 to 6 weeks and earn official recognition for the course. The certificate can be shared on LinkedIn and added to the CV which helps in getting offers from companies who are looking to hire web developers.

For web development, there are more than 250 courses offered by popular universities which adds credibility to your learning. You can choose from these courses and start learning whenever you get time. The program also provides you access to other learners and debates for discussion on course material and master the concepts.

The online courses at Coursera start at $29 per month.

5. Udemy

Udemy is a one-stop platform for all the topics, having more than 100,000 online courses. Here you get video tutorials by experts which are available for both free and paid plans.
There are hundreds of web development courses available on Udemy which you can choose on the basis of your learning level— beginner, intermediate, expert. The courses are listed on the basis of popularity, new, and beginner favorites.

With these lessons, you can learn front-end, back-end, as well as fullstack web development from your home. Since Udemy provides lifetime access for a course, you can learn whenever you get time.

6. Lynda

Lynda is a LinkedIn company, which is now called LinkedIn Learning. It is a platform to help people become professionals in their field.

For web development training, it has more than 500 courses with around 16,000 tutorials. With this material, you can learn how to create websites using the main programming languages, like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, etc.

It also teaches you to make ecommerce sites, as well as offers advanced web dev skills like building an HTML5 app.

It offers one-month free plan to try the lessons and find if it is valuable for you.

Wrapping up:

These are the top online courses for learning web development this year. Regardless of your learning level, these platforms have the right courses for you. The best thing about these courses is you can take lessons whenever you get time.