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Top 8 resources for learning web development in 2019

If you are a someone who likes the technical elements of web development and looking to learn more of it, then there are numerous resources available on internet which can be used for the benefit. You will be surprised to know that many developers have built a successful career in web development by learning from these online resources.

What is the future scope of web development? Why should I learn web development? If you are having these questions, then the answer is that there is a wide opportunity for developers today because of rise in use of modern technologies. Every business is shifting to online world using web hosting options. This has increased the demand for web developers.

Learning web development from online resources can sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge of web development arena. This can not only help you to develop great projects, but also increase your chances of employment.

But which resource or online course should you choose for learning web development? That’s a tough decision to make for many people. To make things easier for you, we have curated the best online resources for learning web development, so that you can learn everything from common coding skills to best development practices.


1. Team Treehouse


Team Treehouse offers flexible web development course so that anyone with a busy schedule can learn coding without interrupting their other tasks. They provide on-demand videos and interactive code challenges at a number of plans. You can choose the plan as per your goals and budget.

Their Techdegree has been developed by tech professionals who know exactly what employers nowadays are looking for in web developers. If you are looking to go from zero to gain job-ready skills, then this course is the one for you.

Over the course, you will get chances to work on projects under the guidance of experienced web developers and fellow students. On completion of projects, they will be checked by professional developers to review your progress and let you understand what can be improved.


2. Codeacademy


Codeacademy is a website that provides online web development courses with proper structured curriculum. They have a broad community of coaches, advisors, and graduates to help the learners clear every doubt regarding the coding. All the tutorials include easy-to-follow instructions, so that even the non-tech people can learn easily. They accept immediate feedback from learners.

The Codeacademy web development curriculum allows you to master the main languages—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that you can learn the approach to building a website, and then go further to develop interactive web applications.

After the lessons, Codeacademy provides coding quizzes for smarter practice. The aim of these quizzes is to make you accept the challenges and feel comfortable and confident.


3. The Odin Project


The Odin Project provides free web development curriculum that comes with online tutorials, blogs, and courses. It covers all the key aspects of becoming a professional web developer—HTML+CSS, JavaScript, Git, databases,Ruby on Rails, as well as the process of getting hired.

After learning the different aspects of web development, you can build projects which can include simple scripts, full programs, and website building. Since, a lot of people like you are learning the same lessons, you can get help from them during the course.


4. TheCodePlayer


TheCodePlayer is completely unique website that includes videos and presentations related to HTML, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, and more. In the videos and presentations, you will find the work of other developers and how they did it. Every topic has been covered comprehensively for more understanding.

What makes this web development resource different from others is that it shows coding right from scratch in the form of real projects.


5. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a well-known resource to learn web development and computer programming, starting from the basics of programming to making interactive webpages. The resource includes one-hour learning sessions so that you can spend an hour a day on learning.

Their curriculum includes introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, as well as advanced lessons in JS for creating games and visualizations, and natural simulations.


6. is a LinkedIn company, whose courses are also available on LinkedIn Learning. They have extensive library of online courses, including web development. Since LinkedIn is a broad community of professionals, you get to learn from industry experts.

They have over 24,000 videos and tutorials on web development, so that you can learn exactly what you need. Further, you can learn from anywhere, as this resource allows you to switch between computer, tablet, or any mobile device. To start with, you can take a free trial to know about their approach to teaching.


7. MIT OpenCourseware


It is a dream for many to attend the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Well, you can do this online today. They have open sourced a wide range of courses and content which is available to everyone for free. You can learn everything for free, but if you want to earn a certificate, then you will have to pay for it.

MIT OpenCourseware web development curriculum includes hundreds of lessons on introduction to Java, Python, computer science, and practical programming in C and C++.


8. Udemy


Udemy is a renowned platform for e-learning that provides content from professional content creators. They have plenty of courses related to web development, like “The Complete Web Developer Course”, “Ultimate web developer and designer course”, “The advanced web developer bootcamp”, just to name a few.

All the courses are available at affordable prices, ranging from $10 to $200. If you are keen to learn web development, then you can take desired courses from Udemy and learn programing languages (C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JS, HTML, CSS, and more).


Wrapping up:

One of the toughest parts of getting into the world of web development is to take the first step. Once you step in, things will start to become easier for you as you explore the right resources.

By choosing the right resources for web development, you will just need to invest your time regularly, take lessons, and sharpen your skills. We hope, these resources will help you in your web development journey.

If you know of more resources, let us know via the comments sections below.