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How to rank without backlinks?

There is a very common misconception among the people that in order to get a rank in SEO you need a backlink or you can say that it is the belief that SEO without link building is not possible. People have their assumptions as well as prejudices that cannot be changed easily be it a normal world or a world of SEO and webmasters.

But the reality is that you can very easily. Yes! You can get a rank in SEO without even a backlink. We suggest you stay with us till the end of the article to get the ways to rank in SEO without backlinks. Finding a backlink for the ranking of the SEO is quite a hectic work and might be a handful of tasks for some people. So, they often look to rank without the help of a backlink. There are plenty of reasons to look over why one should go for the ranking of the SEO without a backlink.

The reason why one should try ranking in SEO without the help of the Backlink –

1. The website you are using is a new one and still has to establish the authority before you seek external validation for it.
2. Now the other reason can be considered as that the website you are using is in a niche and has hardly got any backlink on it like plumbers, local ice cream shops.
3. The website you are using is not a website that is content-rich website for service reasons like portfolio, business listings.

All these reasons are very apt for you to consider the quality link building is not necessary or very important for the ranking on the SEO. In this article further, we will move ahead to provide you with the ways or you can also say the strategies so that you won’t need a backlink to get a rank in SEO.

Ways to rank without the help of the backlinks:

1. Quit being shy and go for creating value

Creating value is not as simple as creating a blog or adding new and informative information to the pages of your website, you cannot randomly go for creating an opinion about the topic and then you cannot also simply call it a valuable piece of content which has high value. You have to quit your shyness when it comes to solving the problems of the customers, you cannot solve problems if you keep getting shy; you have to understand the problem and then give a proper answer to the query after doing full-fledged research. This step will add value to your content and then only your content could be considered as focussed content which can get you a ranking as well.

2. Getting the review from the customers

The most powerful inbound sales tools for the small scale business that has a local value is the feedback or the review of the customers; especially when you are in competition directly with the big companies of the field that would wipe out your small scale business marketing. You can plan a link building campaign also which might help you, and the review given by the customers or the users will only do good to you and you can focus on improving so that you can get more customers and can increase the number of your customers.

3. Focus on Low Competitive Keywords

I know you have written your best content but there is your competitor out there who are generating content on daily basis on high competitive keywords. Right now google searches in changing users no what they want exactly so they search with complete information using long-tail keywords so grab the opportunity before it becomes old.

Step to find low competition keywords

Before writing any content first you have to choose the keywords and for that, you can use some tools to find keywords

1. Google Keyword Planner (Free)
2. Ubersuggest (Free+ Paid)
3. Ahrefs Keyword Generator (Free)
4. Ahrefs Keyword Planner (Paid)
5. Semrush (Paid)
6. Keyword Shitter (Free)

These tools give you tons of keywords and you can select the keywords which have low competition and high search volume “Here is a tip you can pick long tail keywords those keywords have low competition but the right user will visit your blog to read.”

4. Write In-depth Content

They say “Quality always matters rather than quantity” and it’s absolutely correct because if you have written content which no one wants to read then you can never be rank on 1st page even if you have created tons of backlinks. So, it’s better to write the content which is informative and user don’t find difficult to understand it. The best way to write content is to research as much you can because if you have less information about that topic then you can’t provide complete information so learn about the topic first.

“Here is a quick tip which I follow personally is to provide informative content according to your competitor search your keyword on google select top results analyse their content and create better article than that for example if your competitor has written about ‘10 veg recipes’ than you can write about ‘15 veg recipes and how to make it’ including videos gives a boost to this article. ”

These steps given below will definitely get you a rank if you try them and also execute them properly but it takes lots of time and complete knowledge about the online marketing field because google uses ‘200 ranking factors’ to rank websites. So makes sure apart from content you have followed all the rules to grow your Digital marketing career but if you are a business owner or some other industry who has no knowledge about online marketing but wanted to grow online. So it’s better to not do everything on your own. The affordable digital marketing agency you can hire to grow your business online because this agency has 20+ Years of knowledge and experience. Doing your own takes time and money as well hiring an agency is quite affordable nowadays.

In conclusion: In this article, we have given tips on how to rank your blog without creating any backlinks in an ethical way. If you follow these steps you can rank your blogs, most of our blogs are on the first page and we have because of these tricks.